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The company mainly produces small single cylinder gasoline engine, gasoline engine water pump, gasoline generator, small single cylinder diesel engine, diesel engine water pump, diesel generator, construction machinery and accessories.

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Product Features

automatic voltage regulator

The use of automatic voltage regulator can automatically maintain the stability of the voltage when the equipment is loaded, to ensure that a smooth power supply, this unique design is particularly important for electrical equipment sensitive to voltage fluctuations.

economic and fuel-efficient

Excellent combustion efficiency produces extremely high economic benefits.

Safe and reliable

Stable automatic voltage regulation system and oil warning system, it is reassuring to use.

The company also embodies its superb technology and rich experience on each engine to ensure that each engine has stable performance and reliable operation during long-term operation, which greatly saves time-consuming maintenance.


Performance parameters

Performance parameters  
Product Model AMG1800
Engine Model AN156
Type Single cylinder, four-stroke, air-cooled
Cylinder diameter × stroke (mm) 56 × 40
Displacement (m³) 98
Maximum output power (Hp/rpm) 3.5/3600
Ignition system TCI
Start System Hand start/electric start
Fuel tank volume (L) 8
Continuous working time (H) 11
Oil capacity (L) 0.35
Rated voltage (V) 110/220
Rated frequency (Hz) 60/50
Rated output power (W) 1000
Maximum output power (W) 1100
Net weight (Kg) 30
Gross Weight (Kg) 31
Carton Size (mm) 500 × 380 × 430

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