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The company mainly produces small single cylinder gasoline engine, gasoline engine water pump, gasoline generator, small single cylinder diesel engine, diesel engine water pump, diesel generator, construction machinery and accessories.

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Product Features

Safe and reliable

Exquisite craftsmanship and strict quality concepts ensure the safety and reliability of products.

Strong and powerful

High reserve torque, strong power, and inherent super overload capacity.


Performance parameter

Performance parameter  
Model AN173F/E
Types Single cylinder, air-cooled, vertical, four stroke
Combustion system Direct injection type
Cylinder diameter x stroke (mm) 73x59
Displacement (L) 0.247
Compression ratio 20:01
Rated speed (rpm) 3000/3600
Rated speed power (kW/rpm) 3.2/3.6
Minimum no-load stable speed (rpm) ≤1300
Fuel consumption rate (g/kWh) 276/281
Fuel grade 0 #, -10 #, -20 # diesel
Fuel tank volume (L) 2.5
Lubricant capacity (L) 0.75
Lubricating oil grade CD grade or SAE10W-30,15W-40
Lubrication method Pressure Splash Composite
Rotation direction of the output end (facing the output shaft) Counterclockwise rotation
Start mode Recoil type manual start/electric start
(Hand pull start) Net weight (kg) 28
(Electric starting) Net weight (kg) 32
Packaging size (mm) 430x390x470

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