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The company mainly produces small single cylinder gasoline engine, gasoline engine water pump, gasoline generator, small single cylinder diesel engine, diesel engine water pump, diesel generator, construction machinery and accessories.

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Ministry of Internal Trade:+86-519-8528-0890
Ministry of Foreign Trade: +86-519-83051190

National Service Hotline:+86-400-1821-580
National Service Hotline:+86-137-7518-7053


Product Features

Aluminum alloy die casting whole piece

Aluminum alloy die-cast cast iron cylinder liner, improve its durability, and extend engine life.

Designed for construction machinery

Designed for construction machinery, it provides perfect performance requirements for durability and continuous work.

Long service life


Performance parameters

Performance parameters  
Model AN12
Type Single cylinder, air-cooled, four-stroke, OHV
Bore x stroke (mm) 60 × 43
Displacement (L) 121
Rated output [kw(hp)/rpm] 2.1(2.8)/4000
Max Output [kw(hp)/rpm] 2.8(4)/4000
Direction of rotation (p.t.o) Counterclockwise
Fuel unleaded gasoline for motor vehicles
Fuel tank volume (L) None
spark plug E7TC
starting system Recoil Starting
Net weight (kg) 15.9
Packing size (mm) 370 × 310 × 350

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