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The company mainly produces small single cylinder gasoline engine, gasoline engine water pump, gasoline generator, small single cylinder diesel engine, diesel engine water pump, diesel generator, construction machinery and accessories.

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Product Features

Unit integration design

Unit integrated design, users only need to connect the inlet/outlet pipe. Lightweight design, compact structure, no power connection, safe and convenient to use.

Reliable and durable

Safe and reliable power and reinforced pump shell, pump cover structure, pump durable. Match ANMAX's powerful air-cooled diesel engine to ensure low fuel consumption and great value.

High lift, fast water absorption

Strong power and vortex impeller design, high sealing, greatly enhance the head, shorten the self-priming time.

Convenient maintenance

Maintenance-free battery, in addition to the city power intelligent charging device, more convenient and quick maintenance, so that customers more peace of mind to buy.


Performance parameters

Performance parameters  
Model DP30HL/E
Diameter of inlet and outlet (mm) Inlet 80(3 ")
Outlet 1x 1.5 "1x 2" 1x 2.5"
Flow (L/min) 1000
Head (m) 70
Suction stroke (m) 8
Self-priming time (s/m) 200
Speed (rpm) 3600
Power model 186FA
Power (kw) 6.6
Displacement (L) 0.418
Tank capacity (L) 5.5
Fuel consumption rate (g/kwh) ≤ 275
Start mode Manual start or electric start
Packing ruler (mm) 660 × 480 × 610
Net weight (kg) 65


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