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The company mainly produces small single cylinder gasoline engine, gasoline engine water pump, gasoline generator, small single cylinder diesel engine, diesel engine water pump, diesel generator, construction machinery and accessories.

Keywords: engine | generator | water pump


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Ministry of Internal Trade:+86-519-8528-0890
Ministry of Foreign Trade: +86-519-83051190

National Service Hotline:+86-400-1821-580
National Service Hotline:+86-137-7518-7053


Product Features

1. Diesel engine, overhead valve, strong power;

2. A full set of high-pressure nozzles 0, 15, 25, 40 degrees and low-pressure suction copper nozzles;

3. Refined professional-grade trigger gun, 1/4 quick-insert stainless steel spray bar;

4 sturdy and durable steel structure frame, surface spray treatment;

5. Built-in steel wire strainer at water inlet;

6. Power belt low oil protection device;

7. The pump head is equipped with overtemperature and overheat protection valve as standard.


Performance parameters

Performance parameters  
Model DM3600W
Pump head model 1807
Flow (L/min) 18
Working pressure (kg) 250
Maximum pressure (kg) 280
Plunger diameter (mm) 18
Inlet/outlet (mm) 19.05/9.5
Power type 188F
Fuel Capacity (L) 5.5
Maximum output power (kw) 7.2
Rated output power (kw) 6.6
Speed (rpm) 3600
Start mode Electric start
Packing size (mm) 735x590 × 585
Net weight (kg) 133

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